Car Park Information


          GHG Car Park is an underground covered multi-level car park in the prestigious east end of the Melbourne CBD offering over 500 spaces accessible via two entrances: 128 Flinders Lane and 44 Russell Street (near corner of Flinders Lane & Russell St). The carpark exit is via Flinders Lane only. The carpark operates 24 hours every day of the year and is located in close proximity to a number of key attractions including – Flinders Lane dining precinct, Forum, Regent & Athenaeum Theatres, Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and a short tram ride or walk to the MCG and Melbourne’s sporting precinct.

The vehicle height limit is 2 meters.

This car park accepts Credit Card payments only. Payment can be made at the pay machines located throughout the carpark or at the exits.


Hourly parking

  • 0.0 – 0.5 Hours                          $6
  • 0.5 – 1.0 Hours                          $25
  • 1.0 – 2.0 Hours                          $45
  • 2.0 – 3.0 Hours                          $65
  • 3.0 + Hours (DAILY MAX)        $78

Early Bird – Monday to Friday:

Entry between 6am & 10am and exit after 1.30 pm – 6am next day                        $20 flat rate

Afternoon / Night Rate :

  • Monday to Wednesday                                                                                                $15 flat rate
  • Thursday                                                                                                                          $20 flat rate
  • Friday                                                                                                                               $25 flat rate

Entry after 3pm & exit before 6am the next day 

To be eligible for the flat rate you must exit the carpark by 6am the following day, otherwise the daily maximum charge of $78 will apply.


  • Saturday                                                                                                                         $30 flat rate
  • Sunday                                                                                                                            $25 flat rate

Flat rate per exit, per day. Enter after 6am – Exit before 6am the next day 

Entering the carpark on Friday after 6am and exiting before 6am on Monday, will incur the full day Friday rate and applicable weekend daily flat rates. If a vehicle exits after 6am on the Monday, casual parking rates will commence on-top of any already incurred rates.

Public Holidays:

Flat rate per exit, per day. Enter after 6am – Exit before 6am the next day            $30 flat rate

To be eligible for the flat rate on a Public Holiday, you must exit the carpark by 6am the next day. If you exit the carpark after 6am the following day on a weekday, ie: Monday, the daily maximum charge of $78 will apply.

Lost Ticket:

A lost Ticket will incur a fee of $80

Monthly Parking:

We offer a range of monthly permanent parking solutions tailored to your needs providing 24/7 secure access. Contact us to receive further information and pricing.

Important Please note:

1.  There is no online booking available for this car park. All rates displayed are for drive up parking and you do not require pre-booking.

2.  If you require a copy of your receipt for your parking transaction these can be obtained from any payment machine (including at the exits) by hitting the receipt button, please note we are unable to provide receipts at a later date.

3. This carpark is operated independently to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. If you chose to park here during your stay please be aware the above charges will be applicable. If you wish to park via the hotel valet please contact the hotel directly for more information.

 If you have any additional questions please contact us.